The challenges of optimizing UltiPro can look like an unfinished mosaic. You may have all the pieces, but you may not know how to fit them together. That’s where Mosaic Consulting Group can help.

As an official partner of Ultimate Software, Mosaic has the product knowledge, comprehensive services and expert team you need to ensure a seamless and productive transition to UltiPro. And we stand with you before, during and after your UltiPro implementation.

The Mosaic Advantage

  • UltiPro Only: Mosaic Consulting Group is an UltiPro only consulting group. That our team knows UltiPro inside and out and can help you with any UltiPro project, question or task you have.
  • Our People: Mosaic hires the best of the best. Our team of experts has more knowledge and experience than anyone else, working with us will give you access to a team of UltiPro experts who are dedicated to your success with UltiPro.
  • Our Culture: Hiring and keeping the best of the best requires an exceptional culture. Our team enjoys unique perks and are guided by four core principles: Wow, own it, do the right thing and teamwork. These principles ensure our team works together to wow our Clients and provide the best service and experience.
  • Our Clients: Mosaic's Clients range in sizes and vary across virtually all industries. Thanks to the diversity of our Clients our team has heard it all. Our Clients keep our team on their feet, staying current and constantly providing the best solutions for even the most complex organizations.

Innovative products, deep experience and a can-do approach to service. All good reasons to choose Mosaic Consulting Group, your UltiPro team.


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