Take full advantage of UltiPro

Mosaic Consulting Group is an UltiPro Only Consulting firm and has built a team of experts that can ensure you are taking full advantage of your UltiPro investment. Our team strives to make sure their work will inspire the confidence you need to know that the work is done and, most importantly, that it is done right.

Mosaic offers four types of services to fulfill any UltiPro needs: Technical, Functional, Premier Support and Managed Services. Our team has experience with projects of all different levels of complexity and can provide assistance with strategic, project or tactical request within each of these services.

Mosaic’s work will streamline your HRIS process, our team can support your company at every level.

  • Functional: Our Functional Team of Consultants and Project Managers will help your team implement or grow with UltiPro. The Functional Team will streamline and improve your use of UltiPro.
  • Technical: Our Technical Consultants are UltiPro experts who also happen to be IT experts and can help your team fully utilize, understand and expand your UltiPro System.
  • Premier Support: Our Premier Support Consultants focus on one thing: Client Success. Premier Support Clients  have a direct line of communication to a dedicated consultant who will provide double the bench strength and all the support needed for seamless HR processes and projects. 
  • Managed Payroll Services: Mosaic Managed Payroll Services Team will help your company reduce corporate risk. They will provide overall payroll management and support.
  • Human Resources Outsourcing: Mosaic HR Outsourcing Team will help your manage your HR. They provide solutions for your business at every level and help free up your team to focus on the bigger picture.


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