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About Mosaic

UltiPro Only 

Mosaic Consulting Group is the biggest UltiPro only consulting firm. That means, we help Clients manage their largest and most important asset, their team. We help our Clients use UltiPro to it's fullest capacity.

As an Ultimate Software Partner, Mosaic has worked with hundreds of Clients and has built a consulting team of UltiPro Experts who help Clients get the most out of their UltiPro instance every day - that's all we do! Mosaic Consulting Group is a leader in the field of UltiPro implementation, support and maintenance.

As the recipient of Ultimate Software’s 2015 Partner Collaboration Award, Mosaic has proven to be the best in the business. Our team has more knowledge and expertise than anyone else and is fully committed to your company’s success and using UltiPro to achieve it. Our people, our expertise and our Clients set us apart from the competition. The mosaic team of UltiPro Experts has seen it all, they work with Clients of all sizes and across virtually all industries. They know the product inside and out and can answer any questions and take on any project you and your team might need.

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Our History

The history of Mosaic Consulting Group is marked by dramatic growth — over 30% per year since its inception. The key to that growth has been a consistent approach to UltiPro support and service. Mosaic's focus has always been on Clients and quality.

Vicki Hill, Mosaic’s founder, has more than 20 years of experience with UltiPro, she has worked on both sides of the product, as an end user and a consultant with Ultimate Software.

By 2012, Mosaic was named an official implementation partner for Ultimate Software. Two years later, Mosaic was serving over 100 Clients and had built a reputation as an elite, go-to choice for UltiPro implementation and service. 

As it grew, Mosaic continued to introduce new and unique products like Premier Support for UltiPro (with accelerated response times and dedicated support), Managed Payroll Services and UltiPro GL Automation.

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Mosaic Today

Today, Mosaic has built a team focused solely on UltiPro implementation and support. The company attracts and retains top talent because of a culture that respects work/life balance and a business philosophy guided by four Core Principles:

  • Do the right thing — Be honest and ethical
  • Own it — Be accountable, dependable and responsible
  • Wow — Amaze through exceptional service
  • Teamwork — One is not as great as all

This philosophy allows Mosaic to serve top companies from around the world in businesses across all industries and sizes. Through deep experience, outstanding service, unique products and customized support, Mosaic continues to help clients get an outstanding return on their investment in UltiPro.

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